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We love to show you some of the wonderful new works that we just received. Among them are an extremely rare pair of 'Polar' Lounge Chairs by Esko Pajamies from Finland from the 1960s. A safari chair from New Zealand by Peder Hansen, a pair of wall lamps from Sweden by Hans Agne Jakobbsen and to kick off our Brazilian Spring (just in our gallery, it’s fall in Brazil) a gorgeous Giuseppe Scapinelli coffee table in caviuna wood and marble. Click on our collection link to find out about all them.



We're very excited to give you a preview of the first of many more contemporary design pieces that we’ll be presenting in the coming year. And we think it can’t start better than with these wonderful pieces by the Campana brothers.

Made in limited edition of 150, the Sobreiro armchair is part of a small exclusive collection of cork furniture, that further consists of 2 cabinets. The Campana brothers who are well known for their playful design and use of natural and exceptional materials, here for the first time work with cork. In the past they have used i.a. leather, palm fronds, toys, scrapwood and even fish skin.

Click here to find out all about Sobreiro armchair.



For a long time we’ve had a soft spot for the work of Pierre Chapo, so with great joy we present to you our latest works. Among them are a beautiful T21D dining table set, a B10 sideboard and an even rarer T14D dining table. Click here to find out all about them.


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